Air Cargo Agents, Air Freight Forwarders & TSA approved Indirect Air Carriers (IAC)

  • A great solutions for airfreight community to manage airfreight rates over the cloud
  • Access airline's airfreight rates common to air cargo agents & freight forwarders 24/7
  • Forward us the rates of airlines either by email/upload and soon find them in your online query
  • Check your rates from anywhere any time & save time in quotations, booking, accounting etc.
One source One place all carrier rates - Regular & Promotions
Contracted Rates (only visible to contracted party)
Easy Easy access, organized, sorted, current and accurate*
Multiple views Find them by Port Pair, Airline, Any USA Origin or Any airport of the world
Updates Fuel rates are updated automatically
Payables Dpt Simple to approve airline charges, save time of your accounting department
Quick Quick & Easy quote to clients without going thru 10 spreadsheets and calculations
Time saving Saves hours as no need to make binders or spreadsheets containing airline rates
Promotions Enjoy the savings/promotions offered by airlines immediately
Choices Enjoy the choices of airlines to a particular destination & no need to memorize
Known - Unknown Get Known & UnKnown Shipper rates either together or separately to compare
24/7 Convinience to quote any time to your client or agent - 24hrs accessible
Any where Cloud base tool accessible thru any internet brouser, safe & private
Partners Give access to accounting, overseas offices, partners or admins to utilize
Profit gain Gain profit by saving time in shipping using cheaper carriers/promotions & being prompt
Gain confidence Gain customer confidence by serving immediately, offering alternative carriers etc.
Empower Help in organizing internal staff by dividing responsibilities
Backup Made easy for anybody to back you up and satisfy client. Minimize the risks
Training Train anybody easily without years of knowledge; Known, Unknown, Carriers
Tariff online Maintain your tariff on cloud to share with your enterprise & partners
Client Bonding Let your regular clients check rates & book their shipments online using your selling rates

Important Notes

  • Before subcribing to our air freight data plan, you agreeing to the following -
  • You are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions* available on our website
  • Knowledge to or obtaining the airline's rate doesn't mean that one could utilize their services as the airline/s in USA requires to have an established account of a Transportation Securtiy Administration (TSA) approved Indirect Air Carriers (IAC)
  • When you are subscibing to this online rate management solution containing data of air freight rates, you are agreeing that you are a TSA approved IAC and have valid account with at least one airline in USA for export shipments. Also, you understood & agreed to unsubscribe to this database if you fail to maintain above validity of your account with airline/s.
  • Airfreight rate data is utilizing our cloud based RMS (Rate Management Solution) tool and that data is made available to us by our subscribers.
  • We are not a representative or authorized agent of any airline or given authority to make available their tariff. We are only a RMS provider and not an airline, freight forwarder, IAC or OTI (Ocean Transportation Intermediary)
  • Information & data made available to us by the subscriber/s becomes our property and can be utilized in any way or shape limited only to our Privacy Policy
  • Currently only General Cargo (GC) are available but as we grow, other commodity rates will be available as well.
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Very Easy to Maintain
  • Forward us the airline's provided rate sheets to add unless those rates are already showing in your query results
  • Airline's General Cargo & Promotions are entered in few days giving you the access